Can't see one of my PCs since installing Firewall on both

I’ve got three PCs and have just installed v6 on X4 and Ste-PC. I think I’ve got v5 on X3.

X4 can see X3 but not Ste-PC. Ste-PC can see X4 and X3.

I can open Ste-PC’s shares from X4 by typing “\Ste-PC” but I want it to be accessible under network without having to do this.

Does anyone know what I need to tweak to make this work?

EDIT: Nevermind, it seems UPnP Device Host service was set to Manual on Ste-PC and not running. Starting it and I can see it from X4 properly now, so I’ll just set it to Automatic :slight_smile:

I also have Function Discovery Resource Publication service set to Manual and not running but that doesn’t seem to stop it being visible/accessible, despite what the description of it says. SSDP Discovery service is running though, so maybe it only needs to use that instead.