Cant see my web page

I run my website on my own PC but i dont now weather its right or not,
network security policy
application rules
pick my HTML that i want
use a predefined policy
drop down list
trusted application

Is that right??

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to create rules for a web server application? If so, what’s the application you’re using?

Irun windowsxp AND of my pc (2 sources) i cant seem to get to work? i dont want to host it on the big sites.

ron101, Radaghast is asking what is the Web Server software that you’re running on your Windows XP PC to host your web site (assuming is your web site?).

OOH sorry xampp-win32-1.7.7-VC9-installer.exe, And that is the name

A lot will depend on which which services you use and want available across the Internet. At the very least you’ll have to create rules for httpd, doing so will give access to the basic web site. If you want access to the email protocols additional rules will be required. See the image for a starting point.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

Take a look through:

Application Rules
Global Rules

Then you can create the rules shown in the screenshot.

OOOH Ive got a router as welll does that make a differance? coz i cant see it no matter how hard i try?

Yes, you’ll need to forward the appropriate ports in the router, in addition to making rules for the firewall.

Im sorry to be a pain coz i had a stroke down the right hand side,so i have only got half my body and i cant read those papers very well, do you think you could tell me exactly what goes next FORWARD THE PORT ect.

See if the pictures help. Combined with the image I posted above, you have everything you need.

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Thanks for doing it like that it was so much easier to understand (to me) of course it worked fine,thank you again.

I’m glad that worked for you, thanks for reporting back.