Can't Scrub Old CIS Prior to New Install

I’m having a hard time trying to get the old, inoperable CIS off the machine so I can install a new version, which requires I manually uninstall the old one first.

When I try to uninstall Comodo through Control Panel in Win7, it starts and gets to the “Gathering Required Information” screen and never finishes, just hangs.

What can I do to clear this?

Thanks for any help!

Use the removal tools from the removal guide here.

The second program download (for Win7) is a dead link.

Which link? I tried them all and it works for me.

I personally recommend you try Revo Uninstaller PRO. It will launch the default Comodo Uninstaller and begin the removal process. After that is complete (or if that fails) you then choose safe, moderate or advanced and Revo Uninstaller PRO will scan for anything relating to Comodo and present you with a list of related Comodo files and registry entries that are usually 99% safe to remove. Personally, I choose advanced. I have never encountered an issue with using Revo Uninstaller PRO and usually forcefully remove all traces of Comodo if performing a clean reinstall. There is a 30-day trial of the Pro version which you will need to use to be able to benefit from the force uninstall option.