Can't scan

Using professional firewall on a new vista machine (previously only used on XP) any way when I go to scan message says can’t scan run as administrator. My user account is the administrator. What am I missing here?
thanks in advance

Maybe you didn’t install CFP 3 as an admin.

Uninstall CFP 3 and download it again. This time, Right click>Run as admin. Try that and see how it goes.


You know, I have this same problem. First time trying froze it up, but maybe that’s because I tried to scan too early >.<

The second time it said I wasn’t the administrator. I ran it as suggested by 3xist though to attempt to avoid that scenario, so I’m surprised it doesn’t recognize my authorit-eh :o

It’d be nice to have a scanner besides Avast! since Vista doesn’t seem to let you change AVG to download it without the dreaded linkscanner so you can run the installation and have it with just a few key features so it doesn’t conflict. Just a small problem with it not letting you save anything in c: and then even if you do you can’t use their commands (AVG’s instructions for installing it without LS) because it (“it” being the Run feature) doesn’t recognize those commands. But that’s another story ;D

Ontopic-help us!!! :’(

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It’s not like my computer isn’t protected, but I’d be interested in scanning with Comodo :a0

If anyone knows what the problem is then feel free to provide the solution. I have UAC turned off due to issues with it thinking it knows better than me. I think Comodo should be more Vista compatible in the sense that it deals with Vista issues by making itself easier to use (ie, gives its controls to the public as well. Not everyone is a parent with 5 kids using 10 different accounts on 1 computer).

This way threads involving User Control would be eliminated…but of course I have no clue what I’m talking about. This is desperation and silliness at its worst, so whenever you figure it out let us know. No rush. I’m just too interested in this topic to let it fade away, hence the bump+added information :slight_smile:

The malware scanner in Comodo is still new and is mainly only used when you install Comodo. It should really be trusted as an alernative to a good malware scanner. Use SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes Anti Malware for better results.