Can't scan openoffice installer

I’ve downloaded the latest OpenOffice installer from here and tried to scan it with Comodo AV (right click on it and click on Scan with COMODO Antivirus)

The result: Objects Scanned: 0
(I’m using win7 64bit, CIS 5.12.256249.2599)

The MS Security Essentials scanned it whithout any problems.
Any ideas?

If a file is in the trusted files list, or signed by a trusted vendor, it will not be scanned.

Also, by default there is a limit to the size of files which can be scanned. Sorry, I forget what it was for Version 5.12. However, this limit can be raised in the settings.

Ah, thank you! I forgot it. :frowning:

Now I increased this limit (both for files and scripts) to 400MB, but it doesn’t help for me.

I believe it was 40MB in 5.xx as well.

I have CIS 5.10.
Manual scanning is established - 200 Mb.
Scans normally. In .exe-There 2 files.

If you want to scan.
Create the folder. For example with the name OpenOffice.
Unpack OpenOffice at installation. (Postpone installation).
Then it is possible to scan if it disturbs you.
Then establish.
Edit: There everything is normal.
Simply there is no digital signature.