Can't run any programs after installing CIS


I installed CIS on a friends computer (important computer). But, something didn’t work out right. When I installed the firewall and antivirus only a few program starts on the comupter. I can’t for example start IE, Outlook and so on. I can’t start the system restore eighter.

Is there any known problems that makes the computer behave like this?

The computer has Vista 32bit as os.

Those program don’t run the first time? Try this - right click the CIS icon on systray, click Defense+ Security Level and select clean pc mode.

Does his pc have a virus ever pc i installed it on has never did that download malwarebytes and start in safe mode and run a full scan with comodo and malwarebytes. Use comodo first and remove any viruses found then use malwarebytes to scan and finally restart and it should work.