Can't Restart WinXP after installing Comodo & 2 other problems

I tested some alpha or beta version of comodo 3, awhile ago (dec 2007 or jan 2008), and did not have any of these problems with it.
Am using windows xp sp2 x86.
CFP version=

1, cant restart windows xp (thus i cant properly shutdown winxp)
after unchecking all defense+/d+ monitor settings, I still cant reboot.
With d+ disabled, I can reboot ok.
My guess is that d+ hates Stardock’s Logon Studio program with a passion. (i am using it)

it seems there is no d+ setting the user can toggle to tame d+ in this specific area.

I use a open source console program called ‘Console’. Much better than using cmd.exe.

For some reason, I cannot start the console program (it errors out saying that it could not create a new tab), even after unchecking all defense+/d+ monitor settings.
However with d+ disabled, it works fine.

What is d+ doing exactly that I cannot disable from the comodo GUI? …

GuiTest Perl module
Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys is broken, but works fine after d+ is disabled.
I use SendKeys to automate various things, and for some reason the keys aren’t being sent with d+ enabled.
Basically SendKeys can automate everything or many things that can be done via keyboard.

I can see d+ being a great security feature, but its a shame that its configuration seems to be somewhat lacking in options.
I hope the comodo dev team will expand upon what a user can enable/disable for defense+.

at mods/admins: if you think of any of these problems will be fixed in some future build of CFP, then great!
but if not, then why not?


  1. You should try to reboot in Training Mode. Although I don’t know if it will work now when you’ve got messed up D+ rules. Clean install might be needed.

  2. You probably made some block rule that’s why it isn’t working for you. I’ve just tried the app you had mentioned and it works without any problems.

  3. Can’t help you with that.

Btw, DID you get any D+ alerts at all ??

i did once try rebooting in training mode, but that did not help.

i already have set all apps listed in the d+ ‘computer security policy’ window to ‘trusted application’ (including logonuiX.exe) and
including console, really am not sure why console.exe is not working.
is there something I am missing? setting console.exe and cmd.exe to trusted application, what else d+ related could be breaking the console program?

after I set all programs to trusted application i did not get any d+ alerts for them.

You should try to set all the Logon Studio executables policy to ‘Windows System Application’. Logon Studio replace some elements of default Windows shell and it probably need access to protected files, registry values, etc. But you won’t get any alert from CFP before the ‘desktop’ is loaded.

As for Console app, you should see at least two alerts after setting the Console.exe and cmd.exe security policy to ‘Trusted Application’.


explorer.exe is trying to execute Console.exe

Console.exe is trying to execute cmd.exe (multiple times if not remembered, alert on each new tab)

You should check the Defense+ Event Log (I believe it lists only blocked actions) and see what happens.

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