Can't resize COMODO window, but can maximize + no copy text feature from logs

Just installed COMODO Firewall, so far I’m very succesfied with it, after countless BSODs with other firewalls due, to to many simulation connections, with COMODO not only the crashes are fixed so far, but the system didn’t slow down a bit! Amaizing!

Now, the little anoing issue I’ve noticed: the COMODO window cannot be resized, only maximize/restore is possible. The default size doesn’t all me to see the needed fields in the log window, I either have to resize the fields and then scroll the logs horizontaly or maximize the whole window.
And finaly probably more like a feature request: in the logs window when you click on a logs entry, at the botom it shows the details for that entry, and it looks so nice that its was shocking for me not be able highlight the the text to do copy…Other words ability copy the log’s entry without needing first exporting it would be absolutely awsome!

Thank you very much for this great product!

This is already in the wishlist. However, I think version 3 alpha already has this ability.