Can't renew, livePCsupport hangs

I can’t renew my subscription, and I can’t get livePCsupport to respond. What is the deal?

I’m running Internet Security 2011 Pro, version 5.3.181415.1237. My Virus Signature Database Version is 8354.

I have 26 days left on my subscription. It nags me at least once a day.

When I try and renew it, the “Comodo Installer” complains “Please update your COMODO Internet Security 2011 Pro before continuing.” Yet, I have just done that (multiple times), from “More->Check for Updates”. When I run that, the wizard says “Your product is currently up-to-date.” So I seem to be stuck, unable to renew my subscription.

This is surely not what the sales department of COMODO wants the product to do with a customer who, like me, is ready to buy a renewal.

Then, when I attempt to use “COMODO livePCsupport”, I get a complainer that says “Please wait - your support request is being processed. A livePCsupport operator will be in contact shortly. Connecting to server …” That complaint has been “Connecting to server” for the last half hour.

The screen-shots below show my progress through this unhappy journey.

Can someone please suggest how I update this product?

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Hi SomervilleTom, welcome to the forums. Sorry it’s under such circumstances.

I’m going to move your topic to the GeekBuddy & Live PC Support board. You should get better attention there.

No problem, I appreciate your quick response.


You seem to experience a network issue which is preventing COMODO livePCsupport from connecting to server.

Please contact us at the following phone numbers, so we can properly identify and solve the problems you encounter:
LivePCSupport Phone Number: +1 571 730 5268

or access and click “Chat Now” in the upper right corner to get in contact with one of our technicians.