Can't Remove Traces of CIS

Ok I went to uninstall comodo CIS using Your Uninstaller not realizing the program was actually open atm. So I reboot, and yet CIS still launches. Problem is I have no way to uninstall it as it does not show up as an installed app in ccleaner, your uninstaller, or the stock windows program list. So I used Uninstaller Tool v0.3b and ran it as Admin since I am on Win 7 x64, but the system still thinks CIS is installed. So I tried installing a 5.x version of CIS in hopes of being able to properly close and remove it, but the installer keep saying there is a 5.X version still installed. On top of this problem, it seems my wifi adapter is broken now. I tried to remove it in device manager, reboot, and let win 7 install the driver, which it did but it wont pick up any networks where as normally it picks up about 10. How can I get CIS off my laptop? I do actually want Comodo Firewall, but the anti Virus is WAY to paranoid and throws an insane amount of false positives. Way to many, and even if Anti Virus and Defense + is disabled, it still flags things as false positives.

EDIT: Solved, it. I was bale to use a system restore point.

You are saying then that you did not really solve the problem, just “bypassed” it. Or, as you described, “baled” out?

The CIS is, at least experience in this house, almost impossible to remove just using the regular uninstaller. What I did was, after using the regular installer - and finding (several times, not just an isolated event) that the CIS still was “sort of” there - I then used a good registry cleaner to try and remove all traces of it. And of course deleteing the program files and any other files found on the computer that bore the name Comodo or similar.

Then, like you, I re-installed, but the Comodo Firewall only! The Comodo Firewall I think is excellent. But the virus scanner, with its “cmdagent” was in my experience intollerable. Running all the time, and completely paralyzing the computer.

Best of both worlds, at least for me, is now to use the excellent Comodo Firewall, and a freeware version of any of the many virus scanners that are offered. I chose the one called AntiVir, which seems to work well. When the Comodo virus scanner was installed, I had used with some success a program called Process Lasso to smash down the cmdagent. But that became tiresome, because the Lasso program had to work continuously to keep the cmdagent in check. Which itself was a drag on the machine.

Umm no not really…I used system restore as Comodo creates a restore point prior to the uninstall, so I reverted back to a system state where CIS was installed. I then closed CIS, ran “Your Uninstaller”(thats the name of the app if you didnt know), which then removes most of the registry traces left over. I then ran the advanced uninstalled pinned at the top of the forum. From there a reboot, and install of Comodo Firewall and Nod32 Antivirus and the laptop is good to go.