Can't reinstall Firewall due to Internet Security??

Long story short, I opted to uninstall Comodo Firewall with the intention of doing a clean install – why doesn’t really matter. My problem is that when I try to re-install… I get an error message saying that Comodo Internet Security is installed with an older version of installer and I need to remove it via the control panel>add/remove first.

I did remove Firewall via add/remove, but it’s (well, was…) the only Comodo product listed. I’ve searched for Comodo and deleted anything and everything that came up, but still I get the error.

To my knowledge, I never installed internet security. I gather it’s Anti-virus & Firewall combined. I have used, for quire a while, AVAST for anit-virus… and have no desire to switch.

So… my question is: How do I resinstall Firewall? I can’t remove what it wants me to remove – it’s not listed in my add/remove list of programs and I don’t think it was ever installed.

If it’s helpful… running XP.

You can try running Comodo Registry Cleaner.

Problems similar to yours have happened to other people and a registry scan with CRC had solved the problem.

I’m with you .FaZio93.

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Use Safe Mode, Bootup your PC and constantly press f8 to get into Safe Mode. And also use Comodo Reg Cleaner as mentioned - It will remove invalid Comodo Entries if there are any, The message sounds like a Registry issue anyway.


So… none of the above have worked.


All in all… I’m struck that this is even a problem. Why should a registry entry for a program I’ve never installed/used cause problems?

Is adding the anti-virus part something Comodo did on it’s own as part of an update? I notice… it’s not so easy to find just the firewall download. Basically every link I pick now takes me to the Internet Security package – which I don’t want. For instance, google Comodo Firewall and the top link is the package. Once on the personalfirewall site, I didn’t find a single that would take me to just the Firewall to dl.

All in all… I think I’ll be looking for a new firewall. It shouldn’t be difficult to remove a program nor to find just the one I want.