Can't reinstall CTM after restore from another disk image


After encountered system crash and data loss, I discover that my latest disk image is not the one in CTM snapshot. So, I restore another disk image and done successfully.

My system reboot without problem, the CTM no longer function after that (my understanding is that the disk journal corrupt after disk image restoration).

After other recover task, I try to uninstall and reinstall CTM. However, the program hang when do install validation, blue dead screen appear after that. I will first take another image with my backup tool, clear registry, and retry. Is there anyway that I can reinstall CTM without reinstall OS.


After run register clean up, I can install it again. However, I wonder how the time machine compatible with other disk image program

Andrewcsfan, I was just about to post to inform you to thoroughly clean your registry. It’s good that you have cleaned your registry and be able to reinstall CTM. ( For those folks who find themselves not being able to reinstall CTM, it’s most likely due to remnants left in registry by previous installation of CTM or other similar programs like Rollback Rx and Eaz-Fix ! )

Do your disk-image backup with CTM uninstalled.