Can't Register New Account in CUnite

Installed Comodo Unite without a key for personal use on Windows XP.
Clicked “Register a new account” in program.
Completely filled out and submitted registration form.
Received activation email.
Clicked link which redirected to
Cunite did not register.

Is this product still free for personal use?

Got the same problem. I cannot activate an account because the activation link provided by e-mail doesn’t seem to be valid, redirecting me to Comodo Unite main page.

Link example:

Please click the following link to activate your account.

The product is free for personal use.

Please help us then. There must be some problem with the url provided by e-mail to activate a new account. does not work.

You don’t need a key for personal use.

Not talking about a key, talking about account activation.

Again, i registered a new account, got an e-mail with a link to activate this account.
Link provided does not work, something like

I have the same experience as well, activation failed. Is there somebody from Comodo in the forum to explain maybe?

It’s the activation that fails.

The sequence I posted repeats the Comodo language used.

I just tried to register, myself and it just sits there saying “Please wait while your account is created”.
I never even got an email after 2 hours so I just gave up.