Can't reboot XP after running System Cleaner

A few months ago I ran System Cleaner (PowerClean option) and just took all the defaults and let it clean everything. XP would not reboot after that, so I did a Window System Restore to an earlier time and everything was fine after that.

Now, I ran System Cleaner again (PowerClean) but I tried to delete only the things that looked like they wouldn’t be a problem, but XP still will not reboot. So, like last time, I tried Window System Restore, but this time XP will still not reboot. It hangs at the XP logo screen with the 4 blue dot progress bar scrolling. I can reboot in Safe Mode which is how I got here.

Apparently, Windows System Restore remove my ability to do a restore within System Cleaner. The only backup listed is from 2009.

Any ideas?

XP service pack 3
CSC v1.1.64942.34
Norton Internet Security is installed if that matters

After researching here further, I found there were problems with Norton 360. This pc is quite old so the Norton version is also old, but I found some other folders in c:\windows\system32\drivers (NIS and NSS) and after I rename them, I can boot.

Since the system cleaner is also extremely old (is there an option to auto-update?) I uninstalled it and now everything is back to normal.