Can't re-install Comodo.most monitors are plz

Hi all,

I have uninstalled the release vrs *.81 and installed the beta *.106 but it doesnt work here because
after the install and reboot required most monitors are off (application,component and application behavior ) are off and cant be turned on.One the network monitor is working.

I ran a search here and got a few hints so I uninstalled the beta and went back to the release version.

Now even after installing the release version only the network monitor works…

I don’t want to give up on comodo and I would like fix this issue.

Could you please help me out ?

Any help would be greatlu appreciated.Thanks

Not even a comodo “expert” willing to help ? Great forum (:AGY)

We are trying the best we can…
I have had the same results myself when testing betas.
I had to uninstall, reboot, do a reg clean (with Easycleaner/CCleaner), install the new version, reboot, and then it worked again.

Have you done a regclean after your previous firewall? They “always” leave things behind, so the risk for some conflicts are big.

Probably none of us knew a sollution at your problem. In most chases a reinstall fix these problems.

Please visit and select ‘Submit a Ticket’.
The support team will help you solve the problem

I have tried a regclean in normal/safe mode.I have tried uninstalling my av first and then re-installing.Anything I could think of basically.No go …

Have you disabled any services?
Go to control panel/administration tools/services and check that Comodo’s service is set to autostart. Also check that Terminal services is set to autostart.