Can't properly create scan profiles

When I’m trying to create or edit a scan profile, I click the Add button to select which path(s) I want to include. The problem is, the Add window shows only the Desktop object and the physical contents of my desktop folder. It does not show the My Computer object, so I can’t select any drives or other folders, because they’re just not listed.

I will guess that this problem is happening because, years ago, I used TweakUI to change the location of the Desktop folder to be on a drive other than my boot drive (C drive). My desktop folder is actually on my D drive.

I’m using XP sp3. In TweakUI, go to My Computer > Special Folders > Desktop. This is where I had changed it. I had also changed the locations of My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, and My Videos, in case that makes a difference.

Fyi, every other program I use recognizes these changes. It seems its just Comodo that is affected by them.

Strangely, the “My Computer” object appears as a subordinate to the “Desktop” object - i.e. it is shown as an object under Desktop in the hierarchy, as opposed to showing it as a separate object in its own right.

Can you please double check that it isn’t under “desktop” in the hierarchy. If it’s not, you may have found another of CIS’s little oddities - not recognising changed locations for system default objects.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I just quadruple checked to make sure. :slight_smile:

Crud. Ok, I have lots of folders and files on my desktop, so it looks like I missed it the first three times, but the My Computer object is there.

The problem is its not where I expected it to be.

Normally all of the virtual objects (My Computer, My Docs, My Network, Recycle, etc.) float at the top of the list under the Desktop object, like in Windows Explorer or the Windows file picker.

But instead of being at the top, directly under the Desktop object, the Add window lists the My Computer object after all of the folders on my desktop, and before all of the files. I had to scroll down a few pages, and there it was, lost in the forest of folders and files.

For consistency, I guess the Add window should list the objects in the standard Windows order. I think I need to clean up my desktop too.

+1 on that!

It should be a discrete entry at the same hierarchical level as “Desktop”, not underneathit as a sub-ordinate…

Can you please add i his to the AV Wishlist topic?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same problem as Fingershop. When trying to ceate a custom scan, no physical drives are listed anywhere. Under My Computer only the Configuration Panel appears. All locations are default, not changed by TweakUI or anything. Plus, like Fingershop, everything is a subdirectory of the Desktop object. I just upgraded to the latest version (3.13.126709) and never had this anomaly with the previous ones.