Can't paste into sandboxed program from a notepad after update to


after an update that took place yesterday (04-05 December) I cannot paste anymore into the sandboxed application. Before the update everything was okay.

System is W10, Comodo Firewall 10. When the app is not sandboxed I can paste without problems.

EDIT: This is regarding sandbox in Comodo Firewall 10.

Any ideas?

It is a protection feature and will be improved in an upcoming release as stated here.

Thank you, any information regarding following:

  1. Will the clipboard bypass protection bypass mode be introduced in the (standalone) Comodo Firewall 10 or will I have to use the whole CIS package?
  2. Any timelines on this? I see that CCAV already has this bypass mode included (“Enable clipboard access to Sandboxed applications”), how about Firewall 10?

Thank you & regards.

  1. It will be part of both.
  2. No idea when it will be included into CIS but it shouldn’t take long, maybe in the next few releases.

Thank you for an information. Please don’t understand me wrong, I use Comodo Firewall in a production environment and the sudden lack of this - actually very important - functionality is, simply speaking, not good.

Moreover, what seems even stranger, I’ve just spent more than one hour reverting back to three older versions of Firewall 10, back to the - and it still doesn’t work, even after uninstalling the newest version and then installing (much) older one. And I did use the Filehippo’s older versions repository.

Can you please comment on how to bypass that lack of sandbox functionality? I know that CCAV Beta already has this implemented, however I don’t use A/V software anymore and don’t want it, just need a combination of a (fully controllable) firewall and a usable sandbox. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ll try to install CCAV Beta alongside the FW 10 and what happens.

EDIT: Installed CCAV Beta alongside the FW 10 and the sandbox works, copy-paste works, but what is not working is the bypass of virtualization to certain folders (which is available and works in FW10).

Many thanks.

Swordfish i had the same problem copy pasting from sandbox environment etc i had to revert to CIS then all good again hope this helped you out :slight_smile: i posted it as a bug way back ,here is url to problems i had

@COMJOHN - thank your for your valuable input.

It’s been a month, any news on the timeline?