can't open pdf file in firefox when using sandboxie

I am using sandboxie and when I opened a pdf file from Firefox I got a pop up to allow. I clicked allow and treat as other application. Now when I try to open a pdf file from Firefox using sandboxie the file seems to be blocked by comodo.
When I try to open a pdf file in Firefox without using sandboxie it will open. How can I correct the mistake I made?

sounds strange…

Probably far-fetched but try this:

  • Make sure you know, or type down the full path to your .pdf reader in a temporary notepad window (example C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrofart\Malware.exe?)
  • Make sure you know or copy the full path to where sandboxie is installed including the name of the application (example C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\sandboxie.exe?)
  • Open CIS main window
  • click “DEFENSE+” (top menu)
  • click “Advanced” (left menu)
  • click “Computer Security Policy”
  • Press {ctrl} + {f} A cursor should appear above the application names.
  • Enter/paste the full path to where sandboxie is installed.
  • Hit {enter/return} - Sandboxie main application should now be selected
  • Click “Edit…” on the right side in [abbr=Computer Security Policy]“CSP”[/abbr] window.
  • In the [abbr=Application System Activity Control]“ASAC”[/abbr] window click “access rights”; a blue link in the middle of the window, sort of. If the link is grayed out it’s because you’ve chosen a predefined policy. If that’s the case, try removing this policy in the previous abbr=Computer Security Policy[/abbr] window and come back to this step.
  • In the [abbr=Process Access Rights]“PAR”[/abbr] window note the first option
    “Run an executable”. Is it set to “ask” or “block”? I’m 85% sure it’s “ask”.
  • Click “modify” next to (right side of) “Run an executable”
  • In the [abbr=Run an executable]“RAE”[/abbr] window, under “allowed” tab copy/paste or type the full path to your .pdf reader.
  • Click the “block” tab, make sure the pdf reader isn’t there, remove it if it is.
  • Click apply - [abbr=Run an executable]“RAE”[/abbr] window should close
  • Click apply - [abbr=Process Access Rights]“PAR”[/abbr] window should close
  • Click apply - [abbr=Application System Activity Control]“ASAC”[/abbr] window should close
  • Click apply - [abbr=Computer Security Policy]“CSP”[/abbr] window should close, might take a little longer

That’s it.