Can't open MS Word attachment in Thunderbird- Defense+ (SOLVED)

Running WinXP Home SP3, Office 10 (xp), Thunderbird v3.1, CIS v4.1

Defense+ seems to interfering with opening MS Word email attachments.

Upon composing an email with an MS Word attachment in Thunderbird, and then looking to open the attachment, my machine pops up a window (an operating system message, not a Thunderbird or Defense+ message) that says “Windows cannot access the specified device or file. You may not have appropriate permissions,” and shows the file WINWORD.EXE (the MS Word executable) and its full path in the title bar of the message. The path information is correctly stated. This behavior is limited to Word documents; Excel, pdf and others will open as they should.

The behavior is consistent for opening emails I’ve received with a Word attachment as well.

Disabling Defense+ resolves this issue, but I’m not sure why. Word is not on any protected lists that I can see in the Defense+ settings; my file associations are exactly as they should be (I can double click a .doc file outside of Thunderbird and it will open in MS Word as it should).

I’ve googled the issue as best I could, and not seen similar issues. Are there settings in Defense+ that would cause it to be suspicious of Word files, and if so, why is the message that pops up an OS message and not a Defense+ message?

Many thanks.

Can you check please if Thunderbird ist not listed in “My pending files”? Whe this application ist sandboxed, then all applications accessed from this will be sandboxed to. When you find Thunderbird there, you can move it to the “My own safe files”.

Many thanks for the quick response.

The Pending File list is empty. Also, the Sandbox is disabled on that machine. I’ve added both Thunderbird and MS Word to the safe file list, but unless a reboot is required, the same message occurs while Defense+ is active.

Part of the puzzle seems to be why it is only MS Word documents that cause this behavior; all other file types can be opened from within the inboxes or compose windows of Thunderbird.

To see if D+ is the problem disable it. Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings → now tick “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)” and reboot.

What happens now?

Don’t forget to enable D+ again. CIS won’t remind you!

Many thanks, but I can eliminate the issue by setting D+ to “Disabled” (from the right click menu on the system tray icon), even without rebooting. Once set at Disabled, Word attachments open as they should from Thunderbird. As soon as D+ is enabled, the problem occurs again.

May be the rule for Tbird is set to block starting Word. To see go to Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → now look up the rule for Tbird → Edit → push the Modigy button behind “Run an executable” → now see if winword.exe is on the blocked files list.

When it is blocked delete it and Ok your way back to the main screen.

With many apologies for taking so long to respond- your recommendation solved the problem.

Not sure how Word go onto the blocked list (and it was the ONLY executable on the list), but removing it allowed .doc files to open from Thunderbird.

Many, many thanks.

Thanks for reporting back.:slight_smile: