Can't open linksys interface ( but network functions


I’ve installed Comodo 3 on 4 PCs with windows xp. I have a linksys WRT54G connected to a BritePort DSL modem. All PCs can access all other hard drives and the internet. However, none of the PCs can open the Linksys user interface software at (it’s 2.1 because the modem is 1.1). None of them can open the modem interface at

When I stop Comodo and all other processes such as anti-spyware and antivirus, I still can not access either address with either IE 6, IE7 or FF.

Can anyone advise what I can do?

When I run ipconfig, all addresses are those I’ve listed in the Comodo “My Network Zones”. I’ve also entered the range for the home network.

Thanks for any help.

What IP does your NIC have? Try changing the netmask to Is your modem in bridge mode?

Hello, This might be of some help to you.

Are you certain the routers IP isn’t

If it is, assign a static IP to your PC -, then try accessing the router.

Alternatively, do a hard reset on the reset to revert it to the factory defaults and then try accessing it as per the manual.

Ewen :slight_smile:

sded might be right on assuming a lacking function of the submask. (255etc.)

Yet, this problem might be on another level.

Hi, Had same problem with my router. Solve the issue.

  1. you need to go the the Firewall Task (Common Task) my network zone and create a new Zone for your router put in the IP address. Once you done so youshould be able to see the new zone in 'My network Zones"
  2. Then go to the the Advanced and open up the Network security policy. Look for your IE if you are using it and edit it to CUSTOM instead of Web Browser setting. Once you have done that R click and choose add rule. Click on the destination and select Zone and add your router zone from the drop down. Hit apply and surf to your Router IP when there is warning allow it and you should be done. (:WIN)