cant open a backup file


rencently backed up using the “file and directory” setting, which completed successfully

but upon doing a restore, it won’t open a message pops up “an error has occured while trying to initialise install. Please go back and make sure you have selected the right backup”

the backup is placed on a network drive? does this make a difference?

also the drive letter, has been changed…

the backup size is 6GB, and this happens to all my backups

any solutions?


can anyone offer a solution? cause its still happening…

would the compression setting be the cause of the problem - as i have set it to maximum?

would like to hear some suggestions/solutions


i’ve attached some pictures (see below)

“Z:” Drive is a Mapped Drive

[attachment deleted by admin]


You mean this happens to all your backups performed to that network drive? or to all your backups no matter where you save them?
Can you please try to move one backup to your local computer to see if the error persists?