Can't obtain the free email certificate

Hey all :slight_smile:

I have Mozilla thunderbird and CSE are installed. I can’t get my hands on the so called email certificates CSE2 is only as a proof that I have got an email.

OS: Windows 7 pro
web browser: Comodo dragon
Security: CIS 5/2011

Valentin N

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Chromium based browsers on Windows DO NOT support certificate enrollment at this time, so you will need to REVOKE your email certificate and use either IE or Firefox to collect the certificate.

I will give it a try with FF. Does it go with FF4?

Valentin N

As far as I know it does.

I manage with one email. what should after accomplish the revoke?

Thanks for helping me out :slight_smile: I appreciate it.

Valentin N

Hi I have recently reinstalled my OS, but as I have failed to back up my old certificates I need to revoke them for me my email address for the certificates in question are and I will be grateful if some can help with this. Thank you.