Can't minimize CD with logitech mouse button

Hi, I found an odd bug. I have one of my logitech mouse buttons set to make the active window minimize. This works great on almost every other program I’ve tried, including Chrome. For some reason, Dragon pops up a menu instead.


p.s. This is under win7 64 bit with the latest logitech software.


From my research it seems Logitech drivers use the “Alt+Space+N” command to minimize active windows and the menu you see is most likely the effect of the “Alt+Space” combination.
For some reason Dragon does not detect the complete combination as it is sent by the mouse driver. Our tests revealed that Dragon responded correctly to pressing the key combination on the keyboard.

If possible, please try to reproduce the issue on another system. This will indicate if the issue is related to a specific environment or not.
Also, please try using the key combination on your keyboard and let us know of the results.