Cant map network drives....

Got this kinda weird problem. I have the home network setup as a Trusted Network ( and i can search and find other computers with sharing enabled on the network , also i can move/copy files to and from them, but i cant map network drives? The only way to access other computers is by going into My network places and do a search from there, and it will find the other boxen and allow me to access the drives…but no mapping…

How come? No log entries in Comodo, it just wont let me browse the network for other computers. The Computer browser sevice is started.

I was going to explain but perhaps this will help…

You can also try the Net use command which is how I usually do it.


Yeah, thats the way i usually do this stuff, but i cant even browse for a network drive to map ??? I obviously cant map anything that dont show up, right?

Well it isn’t so obvious as it is showing up since you are accessing the shared folders when browsing which means they are recognized. Since this is the way you do it, i’ll show you the way that I do this since I can’t do this your way either , or the way it shows it seems for whatever reason MS\bug. I right click my network places icon on the desktop, click map network drives, choose a letter from the drop down box and then go to browse and browse for the folder or drive and select it. This may take a few tries as the network folders won’t always show right away, took me 5 browsings to finallly see them. Anyway choose it, and the reconnect at logon should be checked. Click finish. Also, make sure you go into CPF and use the Add\Remove\modify Zone to add the pc. If you have a couple, I would still do this for each. If that won’t work, or just to be sure, use the Define trusted network wizard as well. Another point, I have had to re-run the network setup wizard from XP when changing firewalls many times so this may be an option as well. Then if all is well, you should be able to map the drive. Remember, the mapped drive will NOT be the letter you see when accessing network folders, you must assign another letter. Hope this helps a bit more.



Hehehehe Paul dude, you need to have a short lay down after that text (:CLP)

Using the Network setup Wizard makes the whole thing to work fine, but it also makes the Windows Firewall active, and i dont want that, for obvious reasons.

Glad to hear! It’s easy to disable the firewall, just open my network places from desktop, click view network connections, change Windows firewall settings on left, when open simply click the radio button to OFF. Click on advanced tab, make sure the LAN box is “UNchecked”. You are all set to go!