Can't make comodo work with IPTV

Hello. I’ve been searching forums but as far as I can’t define exactly what is the problem I haven’t found anything that worked for me.
It seems that I have a problem with allowing CPF to see the television via internet which uses vlc media player and an activeX (which I was asked to install).
All I get is a blank screen with text in the middle saying (no video). My previous installed firewall asked whether do I want to allow my browser work as a host and it worked fine.
Looking in CPF log I found out that firewall blocks IGMP protocol which, sadly, I don’t know what it means and also prevents any inbound and outbound packets (inbound/outbound policy violation (ip)).
Any configurations and rules I tried failed.

Thanks for the answers.

Ok, it seem that I have figured out a way to make my IPTV work. This can be done by turning off network control rules (which I assume, makes my computer vulnerable).
And it only works when rules are turned off. Adding a rule with IP range as an exception which IPTV uses doesn’t help me. I still have to turn in off.
Is there something I can do to fix this?