Can't Log into WiFi Since Installing Comodo

Hey All,
Ever since installing Comodo, I can’t log into my University’s Wifi. I can click on “Internet Access” in the bottom right hand corner of Windows and successfully join the network (there is no option to give a network password at that point). Prior to installing Comodo, when I first opened Mozilla after connecting to uni wifi, it bypassed my home page and took me to the consent and password page for the Uni. Once I logged in, I could browse freely.

Now it just tries to open my homepage and says internet access unavailable. The same happens if I type in the address for the wifi consent page. Temporarily disabling Firewall, Defense, and Sandbox doesn’t work either. Wireless works fine at home, as does wired at Uni. My OS is Window’s 7 if that matters.


Hi PantomimeGoose,

This is probably caused by Comodo Secure DNS this will cause ‘catch-all’ pages to fail.
You can disable this feature by going to Settings → Show advanced settings → and Disable the following option “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)”

Thanks! I’ll try it and see.

Hmmm no dice. Any other suggestions? I browse with Mozilla, but also tried Comodo and Internet Explorer to no avail.

True story, uninstalling Comodo completely destroys your ability to get on the internet, and scrubbing it from your machine is daunting. Since I guess I am stuck with it forever I had better find a solution to the Wifi problem so I can do work in my office.

Are you telling me that you installed Comodo Internet Security?
You posted this question in Comodo Dragon board hence why I gave the instructions for Dragon and Secure DNS.
If you installed Internet Security it probably set you system to use Secure DNS.

You have to set your systems DNS servers back to ‘automatic’ or any other static DNS you had before