Can't log in to Yahoo Mail

I just downloaded and installed Dragon today. (I’ve been using IceDragon for years, but it’s been having a lot of those Firefox “a script is not running” problems in Facebook, so I thought I’d try Dragon instead.) Since it’s brand-new, it must be the latest version, right? Version 60.0.3112.115. But I can’t log in to Yahoo Mail. Every time I try, either going directly to mail login or by logging into My Yahoo and then clicking on the mail icon, I get a popup that says “Please upgrade your browser” with links to Firefox, Chrome and Edge. There’s also a button that says “Try it later”, but I can’t click on it. So I’m stuck with Facebook on Dragon and Yahoo Mail on IceDragon. Or just downloading Chrome and forgetting about Comodo products. Is there some solution for the YMail problem?

Tried installing it on my laptop with the same results. All my websites work but Yahoo Mail.

RESOLVED. Duh. I logged into Yahoo Mail in IceDragon and changed the mail format from the new one I’ve been using for some time, back to the “classic” format. After that, I was able to log in with Dragon, no problem. I can’t believe it’s taken me over a week to work that out.