Can't log in to xp pro after latest update [RESOLVED]

I updated Comodo Firewall v3 today (march 1st) on a Dell Laptop Lattitude D830 with XP Pro sp2.

The laptop uses Embassy Security Suite from Dell (not antivirus or firewall, but encryption and fingerprint reader).

After todays Update I started Windows and pressed ctrl/alt/del to put in my password and it hangs saying updating user policies. This is normal until it doesn’t go anywhere, just says updating user policies. I can get in through safemode with Network connections but that’s it. Do I need to uninstall Comodo? >:( :cry:

i have already deactivated the fingerprint reader for log on.


[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Take a look at your log file to see if CFP3 is blocking something. Make sure that each set of application rules ends with a “block and log” just in case. I have seen other threads on problems with fingerprint readers (Lenovo) and related custom security software, but don’t have one myself to check out problems. Try the search function here-you need to go all the way up to the top level forum header to get all of the threads of interest. Embassy Security Suite may have some hits ??? I would also suggest you put Embassy Security Suite in the thread title to try and attract some other users.

I got it figured out! (:CLP)

When I was in safe mode, I ran a diagnostic from the Misc Menu. There was a problem with the Defense+ installation, it fixed itself right away. when I restarted the computer everything worked normal. :BNC

Great; we always like the easy ones. :wink: I’ll mark this thread “resolved” then.