Can't Log In to Windows Live Messenger

I understand that some others have the same problem as me. I’ve read their questions and the relevant threads, but I still cannot log into WLM. I have enabled both in and out for all the protocols TCP, UDP, ICMP, and IP, but the problem still persists. Source address, destination address, source port, etc are all set to ‘any’.

It seems that the version of Comodo Firewall has changed since the last threads regarding WLM problems.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


Have you by any chance disabled DCOM recently? For some reason, WLM needs it to run.
Anyways, I supposte it works fine with the firewall disabled, so do this:

Open CFP and go to Firewall->Common Tasks->View Firewall Events. In the new windows, click More… In the Log Viewer, click File->Clear->Firewall logs. Now try sign in to WLM and then, and then go back to the Log Viewer, right-click and select Export to HTML Save it and open it with a HTML/text editor to modify your external IP (you don’t want anyone to know it). Zip or rar the file and upload it on the forum (using the attach function).


Ahuh! Seems like there’s another program…

Anyway, yes, WLM works with firewall off. Thx for the quick response!

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Oh yeah, one more thing, I’m using a proxy server. Does that matter?

The error code when I try to sign in is 80072efd.

When I test my TCP connection using WLM, I get another error: 8007274d.

I think WLM should work with a proxy.
From the log, it seems that outgoing traffic on port 8080 is being blocked, I would guess this is because you’re using a proxy (since a lot of them use port 8080), so try and see if it works with the proxy disabled.


Well I have the same problem…My live messenger tries all the time to sign in but it can’t. I searched in all firewall and defence+ settings for live messenger and nothing seems to block the application.I also added msnmsg.exe as a trusted application. Is there something that I can’t see and my live messenger can’t sign in?PLZ help!!!
Moreover when I use wireless connection to access my router everything works fine?Strange…