cant locate comodo firewall to uninstall

Hi All,

Please help.I downloaded comodo firewall then restarted.I lost my internet connection.I’m connected via a cable via a router.Hv Windows XP.tried to uninstall in add/remove but its not listed there.I’m a bit of a newbie at this so pliz use laymans a few previous threads some too tech.where are the registry files? how do i delete them?? pliz expound at length.


Download the zip-file from this URL and save it to your desktop.

Unzip it and then in the newly created directory, run the file CFP 3 File+Registry Cleaner.


Read this thread. If you print it out its very easy to go step by step.

Thanks for the help guys.I’ll try this tonight and tell you how it went 2moro.Much appreciation.