Can't listen on Icecast 8000

I have happily run an Icecast audio server with port 8000 forwarded on my router and open in CIS Firewall for the Icecast service for a number of years.

I am migrating my machine (which means a rebuild) and can’t get it to work. With the firewall disabled, all behaves as it should. As soon as it’s enabled the service is blocked.

I can’t stand the new interface, but have fumbled around to find the settings I once had working. I set up a port set named Icecast with a single port, 8000. Then I set up an application rule to accept in and out TCP 8000 (any IP) and set it to allow the Icecast port set.

I also set up a global rule opening up 8000.

I combed the settings on my working server over and over and yet my new machine’s CIS refuses to play nice with Icecast.

I even tried exporting the profile from my old working server and, although it imported OK, my service was still blocked.

The machine I’m building hasn’t had windows licensed yet (that’s in the mail)… could windows be interfering?

This is my first post here, let me know if you need anything else:)

Hello, sounds like you have updated program versions. I am guessing new rules may have been established also during this upgrade process. I would suggest to simply move your personal rules higher in their process tree’s as comodo will follow it’s rulesets from a top down approach, and it’s possible it is following a rule listed before it reaches your rules. Check and see if moving your rules higher helps, and if not, some screen shots of your rulesets would help in trouble shooting. Keep in mind, comodo follows global rules first, then application rules.

OK thanks for the tip. I’ll try and let you know.

That depends on the direction of traffic. For incoming connections that’s true, for outgoing its the opposite.

Well that’s confusing!

An update… I am now up and running. What seemed to fix it was that when my Windows license arrived, and I validated, I received 50 odd updates. After that Comodo started prompting me when inbound connections were occuring, allowing me to set and save new application rules. Even on a fresh Comodo install, this was not happening before.

Next I will lock it down to just the required ports. But hopefully this helps someone.