Can't Launch CFP3 from Desktop Shortcut [Merged Threads]

Hi all

I can not launch comodo v3 from the shortcut on my desktop i have to launch it from my taskbar near my clock any help on why it will not launch from the desktop shortcut?

Same problem here.
I assume, possibly incorrectly, that doubleclicking the desktop-icon should bring up the CFP-GUI.
It doesn’t on my system.
Doubleclicking the icon in the system tray works as expected.

Vista Home Premium 32bits


I just installed new V3. However I cannot open the program from the desktop icon. The hourglass starts for a second and disappears. I can open it from the system tray. What do you think is wrong?
Thanks so much

It seems to be a design choice, but a confusing one. I imagine that the shortcut starts the CFP process and installs the tray icon. This is useful for times when the Firewall has been shut down. Usually, you do not need to tinker with the firewall, except when you are just installing it, so this behaviour avoids having to close the interface window on those occasions. Any comments?

OK, Thanks.
I guess if your desktop icon doesn’t open either then its the design, like you said.
Otherwise it appears to be functioning smoothly. I have to get used to it.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

if Comodo is NOT running and you click the desktop icon, Comodo will start, if Comodo is running and you go to the program files Comodo folder and click the Comodo cpf.exe from there, it will not open also, possibly it is that way to prevent multiple instances of the firewall from running,
they probably didn’t code it to open the program interface, i bet an update in the near future fixes it!

The icon will only open the interface when the firewall has been closed from the systray or not started at boot-up. You have to use the systray icon to open the GUI once the firewall is active. This is by design as far as I can tell as Comodo Backup has the same operation of the user interface once you use the desktop icon to start the GUI and then when it is closed it is minimized to the systray like CFP3 and has to be opened from there.

This type of GUI configuration is something that is totally different from any program I have used and it goes along with the totally new concept of the firewall itself.

Hope that has answered your questions.


That’s why I deleted it from the desktop. :slight_smile:


The design seems to be where Comodo is going with its programs as Comodo Backup does the same thing once it is opened and then closed or if you have it run from startup. It will minimize to the systray and can only be opened from there. Throws you off at first but I have to admit that it is unique compared to other vendors.