Can't installation - error 1603 Win 7 64bit

dear masters,

i am very very helpless… :frowning:

I will installation a new cis to my pc.
After a update today, don’t start cis… Ok, deinstalltion and installation is the solution.

Noooo…Desinstallation routine not deinstall all cis point and remains…
When i start install the cispremium_installer_5764_af.exe than cam after 35% the 1603 error,

OMG!!! What is the problem and we can this resolved.

I use Win 7 64bit and have the progs Uninstaller Tool.exe and Windows Install Clean Up.exe testet.
Neither of the two programms shows me to uninstall comodo on.

I have manuell try to delete all comodo entrys in the registry. No success…

What can i do??? Wher can me help :embarassed:

The versions are:

  • Comodo Firewall 7.0.315459.4132
  • COMODO Internet Security Premium 7.0.315459.4132

Plus, there’s another topic: Can’t install comodo internet security beyond 67% - if it helps…

These threads are absurd. This one is three years old, others can be up to five or ten years without any resolution.

How can you trust a company which can’t even help users install their own software to provide firewall security.

And yet you bump it with an off-topic complaint without providing any useful information about the issue. Also most if not all install problems can be fixed by following the advice from this guide. Which includes removal tools and microsoft utilities to fix the msi installer database.

And for that reason locked.