Can't install... "Windows Installer not available"

The error message is along those lines with embellishments about corrupt or missing. To see it again I( have to go through a full Dragin/Geekbuddy install and I do not want either.

I tried the fixes for this message, such as renaming all the installer Win files and then downloading and reinstalling the installer. Still no luck. Other stuff seems to be installing OK. ALthough AVG AV gave the same message, Avast did not, and other non-AV related programmes are fine AFAICS.

Thanks for any help

Nobody? ATM I am trying to reinstall so I can decide if I want to keep using CIS, having tried a couple of things suggested to stop it hogging my system.

Without the error message I am afraid there is little I can do.

Does this error prevent you from uninstalling CIS?

The error message is for installer packages using Windows Installer. There are various installer types that software makers can use to make an installer. Apparently AVG is also using Windows Installer as you get the same message when trying to install AVG.

sigh! OK I will reinstall and go through the dragon and geekbuddy installs. I shall retunr.

Hey! Just worked pout how to NOT install GB and Dragon.Great!

OK…images a re not that easy…so

“Cannot install Comodo Internrt Security
Error 1602: the windows installer cannot be accessed. This can occur if you are running windows in safe mode, or if thew wqindows installer is not correectly instralled. Contact your suipport personnel for assistance.”

Is there an installation of CIS on your computer or did you recently uninstall a version of CIS?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I did have CIS installed before and I also had another suite installed and uninstalled. I have used the clean uninstall utilities for both.

hmmm…Interesting. I just tried to install yet another firewall, after running the comodo clean uninstall and rebooting, and the FW installer said “Can’t install onto a system that already has comodo on it”

What do you mean with clean uninstall utilities? Did you use the uninstaller of the two programs or did you use the uninstaller/clean up tools?

For problems with Windows installer you can use Windows Installer Clean Up utility. This tool cleans up all Windows installer related traces from your computer. It will allow you to run an (un)installer where it was getting blocked because it couldn’t find a needed file or says the products is already installed.

This tool does not uninstall a program.

I meant that I used the clean uninstallers, like the one touted on this forum that calls itself the Comodo Clean Uninstaller. It’s what everybody has told me to do. Sorry if I was obtuse. However I also used the standard uninstaller for each programme. I will check out the windows installer cleaner. Thank you.

HAH! The irony. The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility can’t install because the Windows Installer …could not be accessed…

Probably worth having aread through - " The Windows Installer service could not be accessed" error …

Yeah I have been there and tried that :cry: I have even reinstalled SP2. But I still get the same message.

What gets me, and it may be a clue, is that other AV suite saying that Comodo was still there even after I ran the clean uninstall. I also cleaned the registry and manually checked for any mention of Comodo.

Any reason you’re not using SP3?

Yes there is. IIRC I tried installing it and several of my programmes refused to work. As XP is now passe, there was no move to fix that situation that I knew of.

I will try again. Here goes another one.

i tried sp3. no. i tried system restore to 10 days ago and ended with a broken CIS (it has cmdagent running but I cant load the GUI) that I could not uninstall. i tried sfc.exe and it found no problems. i tried to rtecover from the restore to try to at least uninstall the broken cis. it failed 3X. i have also tried resintalling sp2 sp3. i cant believe this. sopkmethoing has broken my opsys. luckil,y this machine is just for going on the net and the odd stuff. i will simply trash oit and start again. i have no idea what has hga[[ened.

No more ideas? This is a mess.

Hi RealOldNick,
Sometimes using the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products in Windows safe mode gives better results.

with some trepidation I will give it a go. Running ATM just gives multiple “Access denied” and other reasons why it’s failing to do anything.

Not forgetting that the uninstaller cannot fix any errors/faults in the Operating System if any are present.