Can't install “Update failed. Error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported

Have tried to install Version 4… and 2 different older version 3.’s of Comodo which have worked fine on my other computers.

After install its says Firewall is not functioning properly. I click on the Diagnose Problem and it says there is nothing wrong with the installation.

When I click on Update Virus it gives following error.

“Update failed. Error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported.”

And now after this failed install I am not able to connect to the Internet.
When Internet Explorer tries to diagnose the problem it comes up with the following:

“Windows has detected a problem with the Winsock provider catalog on this computer. This catalog allows programs to communicate with this computer across the network. Would you like Windows to reset the catalog to the default configuration?

This computer might need to be restarted to restore the network connectivity.”

After I click on Yes/next, as message comes up telling me to restart the computer for the repairs to take effect and that if I still have connection problems after restarting, then I should run Networks Diagnostics again.

Of course, after restarting things are no better.

I then uninstalled Comodo then I was able to get Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet.

I ran the ‘CIS Clean-up Tool.bat which I found off of the Comodo forum.

After running the tool all directories regarding Comodo were cleaned up/disappeared.

I did a restart and was still able to connect to the Internet.

I then did a reinstall of Version 3.14.129887.586_XP_Vista_x32.exe

It said the Comodo was installed successfully and that I had to do a restart.

Just before clicking to do the restart, I checked and still was able to connect to the Internet.

After I did the restart, Comodo still says under ‘System Status’ that “The network firewall is not functioning properly! Please run the diagnostics utility to fix the problem.”

So I run the Diagnostics utility and it again says: “The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation.”

I click on Never Updated under Virus Defense and I get the same Error code 0x80004002 message.

One thing is that I am installing Comodo in D: drive because this old computer has a very small C: drive. I don’t think this should make any difference but ???

Prior to uninstalling Comodo again in order get Internet connection, I tried just exiting out of Comodo but I was still not able to get Internet connection.

Any help would be appreciated because I would like to use Comodo since I have had good results with it on other computers.

Had the same problems with disk d:. Thank you for the topic, now it works fine on c:.
Comodo, you should do something with it. Either fix it or write somewhere that it should be installed only on C: disk.