Can't install says I have old installer?

I love the comodo FW, but I can’t install it! Let me say, I had it before and it was great.
After a severe problem I had to restore an image of my OS. The path to Comodo FW on
another partition had changed so on boot the program could not load so I tried uninstall
through add / remove programs. To the point, I can’t reinstall, when I try I get a message:

Comodo Firewall Pro Installer:
You seem to be having Comodo Firewall Pro installed using older version of the Installer.
Please go to Start - control - Add - remove programs’ sections and un-install Comodo Firewall.

It’s not listed there, I tried deleting any “Comodo” related info in registry, but this message
persists, I am back to ZoneAlarm but would like to go back to Comodo HELP PLEASE!!! :’(

Hi m8 :slight_smile:

Did you read the FAQ ?

I hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks REDNOSE!!! That did it. Much appreciated!