cant install rollback delete shortcuts

I was clearing my Hdd so I secure erased everyting, made 1 primary partition & 2 logical partition, reinstalled XP on c & then tried to install latest comodo on C:

COMODO Firewal+Antivirus =CIS_Setup_3.12.111745.560_XP_Vista_x32.exe

It said rollback, cant delete shrtcuts.

Then I tried to install CIS Setup_3.11.108364.552_XP_Vista_x32.exe And got same problem.

any help ?

This is strange. If you have reinstalled XP from scratch after deleting all files and recreating partitions, I don’t understand why it would complain.

Could you attach a screenshot of the error and install status, are you running any other security software?


I formated C then installed XP & first thing I installed comodo. It worked.

Now my previous XP install was not clean, it had 3 programs installed:

  1. Net framework 3,5 (the latest) note that the install of framework never finished, it got stuck at 99%

  2. Eraser - to secure erase data (installs C++ 2005 Redistributable package)

  3. BattleForge game (installs C++ 2005 Redistributable package)

I tested stand alone eraser only in VM, I installed eraser & then comodo = no problems

btw the shortcut error appears only in the final step when you hit finish.

Also in my previous install I uninstalled BattleForge & Eraser & tried to install comodo again, & this time it worked.

So there you have it, its probably caused by C++ 2005 Redistributable package

C++ 2005 Redistributable package doesn’t have problem wth CIS.

Try this.

1.format C:
2.install windows
3.go to microsoft update>update all of the important updates.
(do not install .NET at this time)
4.install CIS.
5.install BattleForge including C++ 2005 Redistributable package.
6.go to microsoft update again.
7.if you C++ 2005 Redistributable package is old one, it will be updated with security updates.
8.install .NET 3.5 (do not install old version of .NET before you install 3.5)
9.go to microsoft update again.
10.update important updates for .NET 3.5.

You may ask me “hey Creasy! why do I have to install .NET 3.5 first instead of old version?”

Answer: old version of .NET can make some trouble against Windows and the other softwares if you install old version of .NET before you install .NET 3.5 in certain system.

Try first.
If it doesn’t work for you, give me more details about your system.

For an even quicker way to fix this read the following thread.

Especially this post.;msg320326#msg320326

What if program during its setup installs needed components: .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 (almost clean system). Why not just 3.5 being installed i have no idea.

Is it better to uninstall 2.0 afterwards ? (though i’m careful not to break program’s operation)

.NET 3.5(SP1) takes care of of 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 including beta.

Old version of .NET + V.3.5(SP1) make following problems in the certain systems.

1.conflictions between 2.0(old version) and 3.5.
:can’t compile some web pages. IE doesn’t work properly.
(especially under X64 system)

2.some softwares can’t be run properly
:some softwares that use .NET show us corrupted GUI.

3.Windows not working properly
:we can see some unknown errors, freezing etc.

4.sometimes it ruins development environments.(.NET development)

5.X64 systems have the problems more than X86.

What if program during its setup installs needed components?

First case.
A program tries to install 2.0 but you can choose intall or not.

Second case.
A program installs 2.0 automatically but you can’t choose install or not.
-uninstall it after the installation.

Third case.
A program requires you only 2.0 components.
-It’s up to you. ;D

The best choices.

1.don’t install old versions: this is the best option.
(when you update Windows, do not choose them)

2.uninstall old versions if you have 3.5 in your system.
(uninstall old versions>uninstall 3.5>reinstall 3.5)

Thanks for technical support , Creasy :-TU