Can't install on Windows 7 64bit

I can’t install Internet security on Windows 7 64 bit. I installed the antivirus as a standalone and now I would like to install the Internet security firewall. I tried the 64 bit and it won’t install. I’ve tried the All windows installer and it won’t install.

It keeps saying it need Interent Security 5.x installed first…but thats the program I’m trying to install in the first place is my understanding??

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I think the message is “you need to Uninstall 5.x” first right?

What was the previous version you where running and did you uninstall it?
If so there seem to be leftovers from that version.

Well I installed the Comodo Antivirus product but it was the latest release?
Should I be installing the firewall separately as opposed to Internet Security?

Nope that won’t work, you can “change” the install and add the firewall, or if you wish to install the just released 5.3.x version you need to uninstall first, reboot and then install CIS.

Well I went this route because I downloaded the standalone firewall product and it said the same thing. It was incompatiable with 5.x.

If you wish to stay on the version you currently have installed please go to add/remove software and select Comodo… [Change] if you installed AV you can select FW to be installed also, if you installed FW you can select AV and it will update the installation to CIS.

If you wish to install the latest 5.3.x you first have to uninstall all previous versions as you can’t upgrade or ‘overwrite’ an existing install.