Can't install NoScript in IceDragon

Hi, everytime i try to install NoScript in Ice Dragon, it crash. I tried from the Firefox add-on page and from

Anyone have the same issue ??


It’s a known issue with older versions of Firefox. 1158467 - Signed extensions on AMO have invalid signatures (And cause to many crashes for Fx28 and older versions)
I notice that the “Install” link on links to AMO. Try the direct download section under “Get It”. That one isn’t from AMO and the XPI doesn’t have the bogus mozilla.sf file in it. It will probably work for you.

Starting from yesterday it is no longer possible to install noscript, most recent version, no matter what you do the installation will cause a sudden a violent crash from IceDragon. Anything that has the “-signed” after the extension seems to now cause the violent crash in IceDragon.

Now I got by, I installed a earlier version of NoScript and I can at least use that and the current version, but as long as this is not addressed I think that’s it, it will no longer be possible to update some addon. One of my addon I even had to ditch since I cannot install no matter what I do as it has the -signed now.

Please keep in mind that NoScript is THE MOST IMPORTANT extension I use and WILL NOT use a browser that does not permit me to use NoScript unless NS doesn’t support the browser.

For online browser gaming, I actually use ALL three comodo browsers, yes, I did say all 3, Dragon, IceDragon, Chromodo, and for a few hours, they can actually run all three at the same time on my computer. Now for Dragon/Chromodo, it’s not possible to use NS but IceDragon has become my MAIN browser, it replaced firefox a long time ago and will remain my main browser unless I cannot update NS anymore.

Hi Lintly,
I just installed it into CID from the link below and are seeing no issues.

Could you have another add-on conflicting with it?


It seems that Mozilla has removed the signing so the version on AMO shoud now work on older versions of Firefox again. Earlier today it still had the signature files in the XPI.

Ok, done, new update for the add-on, seem to have remove the signed version wich work fine right now.

Thanks for the help