Can't install Microsoft Silverlight Update KB2477244

My windows update can’t get past this silverlight update KB2477244. From what I have looked around the web, most people say its because the antivirus is interferring with it. And it seems when the update first ran a couple of .tmp files were stopped by the antivirus. I said to go ahead and let them through but it must not have or something.

I’ve tried right clicking on the Comodo tray icon and set disabled to everything, but is this really disablishing everything. I doubt it…after all the tray icon is still running. I also disabled the only two Comodo services I could find and reboot…but obviously the antivirus is not a visible service because they didn’t even stop the tray icon.

Anybody know how to get this update to go on without the antivirus interferring with it? Assuming that is the problem…not 100% sure that is the issue but I can’t really honestly rule it out yet.

try to have the realtime protection on disable while silverlight tries to update.

Valentin N

Do you have anything recorded in the logs that points to Microsoft Silverlight? If the answer is no, maybe CIS isn’t the problem.

When the update ran, Comodo flagged this file

MSI25.tmp is trying to access System in memory

The parent application that is accessing the target application in memory will allow the parent application to fully control the target application. This is a common technique used by many legitimate applications as well as various malware. If MSI25.tmp is one of your everyday applications, then you can allow this request.

This file was in the localsettings\temp directory.

OK, but check if you have anything in the Defense+ log that is blocked and related to the Microsoft Silverlight or if the file was/is sandboxed (you can see that on Summary page).