Can't Install Latest Alhpa

Hi everyone

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

Just downloaded the latest Alpha of Comodo Firewall 3.

The only thing that happens when I try to install it is that I get a
message that says:

“This is an old version of COMODO Firewall Pro.
Please visit to download latest version.”

Anyone else having this problem?

The file name is: CFP_Setup_3.0.2.5_Alpha_XP_Vista_x32.exe

I use Vista Ultimate 32 Bit

Once again sorry if i posted it at the wrong place


You have to change the date on your PC to sometime before July 27, 2007, I think, and then try to install again. Not real sure of the date so you might have to go back earlier to get it to work.

I saw a post on here where the firewall has a hard-coded date in it and that is what is causing the problem. You can then change the date back to current once you install and before you reboot.

Hope this helps,


jasper is correct… the following has been posted in a few places (umesh is one of the developers)…

Hi, Version is valid till 27th july, 2007. We planned to update Alpha version before this but could not do so. We are planning a version coming thursday. Still if someone wants to install this version, he should change his system date prior to 27th july, 2007, install the firewall and then he can switch back his system date to what it should be.

Sorry for the trouble.


I thank you both for you quick answer.

It work great.

I’m new to Comodo and the forum and I hope
i didn’t post my question at the wrong place.


Forgot to welcome you to the forum Michael and hope you like the firewall as it is going to be a good one and thanks to Kail for the actual post from umesh. Thought the date was the 27th but wasn’t sure.

Also it was posted that a new version of the alpha firewall will be out around the 16th of August so you might watch for that in the future.