Cant install Java plugin

I need Java to display the sound button on Google translate. When I installed Java, CD didn’t display it in the chrome://plugins. I tried to uninstall Java, restart, install Java again, but Java won’t show up in CD. What can I do?

Hi and welcome dantexxx,
Java is a NPAPI based plugin.
NPAPI support by Chrome-Java

A temporary workaround to enable the Java plugin is to enable NPAPI plugins, type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi into the address bar and enter.
Select enable of the highlighted entry and relaunch the browser.

Note: The above workaround to enable NPAPI plugins is not recommended for security reasons and it will most likely be removed from version 45 and above (Estimate: September).

However Java is not required for the sound icon in Google translate.
Please see the quote below for the likely cause.

Kind regards.

Thank you for your help. Between, do CD has a plan about the mp3 decoder? I often used Google Translate and it disturb me very much.