Can't install firewall on Windows 8 64bit


Every time I try to install Comodo Firewall on my Win8 64bit box I get a Cannot Install, Package corrupted error, followed by a Cannot install Comodo Firewall Error: 4294967295 (null).

I run the install as an administrator and it doesn’t help. Have re-downloaded the install several times. The only things I change are customising the installer and turning off the cloud analytics, DNS and start page as well as not installing geekbuddy or the browser.

Really annoying because I love the product but wouldn’t consider purchasing if I can’t even get the free version working.

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May I ask where you downloaded the Comodo installer from please?

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Thankyou for the reply.

Downloaded from, specifically Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022

Have you had or do you have any other security products installed?

No. Though being Windows 8 it installs the Windows firewall and antivirus etc by default.

I’ve tried disabling the Windows firewall prior to installing Comodo but no luck. :frowning: