Can't Install CTM - Calims Power Shadow 2008 is Installed

I am attempting to install CTM final on a machine the installer claims Power Shadow 2008 is already installed (and therefore refuses to proceed). Power Shadow 2008 is not installed, and never has been installed on this machine.

Please tell me exactly (in terms of files present, registry entries, etc.) how your installer determines the existence of Power Shadow, so I can deal with the issue.

Mmm. Does Comodo provide support?

Power Shadow 2008 may not completely clean up the registry or files after uninstall it. You can check the driver file “SnpShot.Sys” in %windir%\system32\drivers\ , if it still exists, pls delete it and then install CTM again.
Hopefully this helps.

OK, I’ll take a look at that, but I have to say if it is only the presence of a single file that convinces your installer a certain other application is present, then it is going to be very flakey, and subject to all sorts of ‘false positives’. How do you know that no other application uses a file of that name? How do you know that PowerShadow (or any other app) is installed, without actually determining that, in this case, the driver is active? You really do need to verify registry entries for the app as a minimum.