Can't install Comodo Products

??? I can download them, but I can’t install them. Error message says it can’t connect to Windows Installer. Any suggestions? Thanks

It sounds like the Windows Installer service is not running.

Go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → look up the Windows Installer service and select it → click right and choose Properties → when the Start button can be pushed start the service. When the Start button cannot be pushed the Start Up type is probably set to disabled. Set the Start Up Type to manual and then start the service.

Thanks. Looks like it was already set to manual. I tried re-setting it. I set it to automatic and then back to manual. I still get the same error message in either mode. Ahem.

Problem solved! I recently installed Comodo’s new CIS. I chose to use their DNS servers. I’ve had terrible connection problems since. I deleted the option to use their servers and everything is installing just fine.