Can't install comodo internet security beyond 67% - Please need help.

I have used comodo internet security for a couple of years on family laptops and home PCs without any headaches. I recently updated from version 6.3 to 7.0 and had no problems except one PC. Initially, the web database would not update. So I uninstalled the newly updated version 7.0 and now trying to re-install the version 7.0 completely fresh. However, the installation will not proceed beyond 67%. Please I need help to protect my PC.
Thanks, and kind rgds, jemb.

I had a similar problem updating 5.10 to 5.12 with constant reboots only progressing a few % at a time.
Problem solved by renaming, moving or deleting original Comodo Internet Security folder (it has already uninstalled it but doesn’t remove the files). Then reboot and it should finish creating a new folder.
But this is Comodo - great, world beating technology but lousy at interfaces and installation.

uninstall & clean

download new version
disconnect from internet
uncheck windows firewall & defender
install new version
connect from internet