Can't install Comodo Firewall

My friend had installed Comodo Complet version and when he decided to do uninstall of Complet Comodo and install only the Firewall (free), he could not, every time he try to install Firewal, he get Complet version.

What to do to install only the firewall, which he download from the main site?

Thanks in advance

tell him to download something called for CIS clean up tool which he will find CIS → Help → Install/conf/ .

Valentin N

Hi Jovan. Did he untick install AV in step three here.
Hope this helps. Kind regards.
Edit- Also check step six if he doesn’t want Defense+, not recommended to remove Defense+.

[at] captainsticks he didnt have that option at all, he install Firewall (Free) and after reboot somehow its turn to Comodo Complet (he have Comodo Complet before)!

Works!!! Thanks mate, you are the best! :wink: :-TU :-TU :-TU

Sorry I was of no help, and I am glad Valentins solution worked. Kind regards.

Never mind m8, thanks for trying! :wink:

I am glad my solution helped :slight_smile: