Can't Install Comodo Firewall

Hi Vanchatron, please do following:

  1. Download DebugView from Microsoft site: DebugView - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn
  2. Run it with administrator privileges
  3. In the DebugView menu please select:
    a) menu File → Log to file as… → Log file edit box → select a file (or type a filename) which you will be able to find later
    b) menu Capture → Capture Win32
    c) menu Capture → Capture Global Win32 (dont worry if this submenu item does not exist)
  4. Using cmd.exe, run firewall installer with the following parameter: “-log log.txt”. This command will create log.txt file near the firewall installer.
  5. After your installer shows an error message, close it, and wait for a few seconds to let all processes finish, then look for another log file:
    a) go to the your TEMP directory. Fastest way to do this is to write the following command in the cmd.exe: “explorer %temp%” (+ press enter). Alternatively you can write %temp% in the Windows explorer’s address bar.
    b) in the TEMP directory you will find a file called approx like this: “cis_10-07-19 20.23.46.log”, where “10-07-19 20.23.46” is the installation date and time (of course, your actual date and time will be different)
  6. As a result you will have 3 log files avaulable:
    • from point 3-a
    • from point 4
    • from point 5-b
      Please zip these files and attach to the your message. I will check these files and try to assist you.
      Please do not hesitate to ask questions should you find above explanation not clear.

Apologies for not replying to you sooner. Anyway, I’ve done what you’ve asked and have uploaded 3 logs for you to look at, thank you very much.

[attachment deleted by admin]

OK, I think I can see the problem. Something in your system blocks installation of one of the firewall drivers. In the case you have any system utilities or security programs for register monitoring, please
turn them off. (Please advise: during the installation process, are you shown any information messages or alerts telling you that something is trying to write itself to autorun? To be precise into this registry key:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows)?

If you are sure you don’t have/use any such utilities, then …

  1. … you need to check access rights for this key. To do it, in the regedit.exe application go to the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows. Hover the mouse over the key, right click and select ‘Permissions…’ from the context menu. You will need to learn what
    access rights are available for the group of the administrators (marked with red on the image).

Most probable is the case no.1) and you do have a program blocking writing into this thread. If not, and the problem is with access rights (case no.2), then you somehow lost the rights for this register key -
let me know and together we will try to improve the situation.

  1. It might also be the case that your system is infected with a virus blocking writing access to the registry.

Please send me autorun log. You can do it as follows:

a) download Autoruns utility (however you should already have it from here:;msg413602#msg413602)

b) in the downloaded archive you have two utilities: autoruns.exe and autorunsc.exe. You’ll need the 1st one (autoruns.exe), run it in the command line as follows:
autoruns.exe -v -a autoruns.arn

d) wait till the utility finishes scanning of the system and closes. After it closes, next to the utility you will find autoruns.arn file. Zip it and send it to me via e-mail skalenchuk[at] (please do not post it as an attachment on the the forum).

PS: If the installation continues to fail, please try to keep installations log as I described it in my previous post. As I can see the situation, so far we need only the log described in the item 3) (the one created with DebugView) which you could also attach to your e-mail.

I have sent you an email containing the items you require.

Vanchatron, i’ve got your email and analyzed your autoruns logs…
I am sorry, but your PC is seriously infected with at least four dangerous viruses. They blocks your registry and fully controls your Windows.
For example:
C:\windows\fonts\fonts.exe - see fonts.exe - fonts, worm, Virus Notice!
System32\appmgmts.dll - see
si.exe - see - most dangerous, it loads under explorer (maybe even replaces it)
Also I’ve found few suspicious and unknown drivers in your system.

Of course, you can try to cleanup your PC, but it is not any guarranty you clear your OS completely.
So, I recommend you to reinstall Windows and after reinstalling defend your new OS with CIS - antivirus, firewall. After CIS installing I strongly recommend you to scan ALL your harddisks.

Good luck
Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions if any. You can mail me directly if you need.

This is very unfortunate, but I appreciate the fact that you’ve spotted this problem. I’ve posted this on a virus removal forum, and so hopefully they’ll help me clear up the problem.

I don’t particularly want to have to do a full reinstall of Windows XP, as I have so many programs installed, but if I can’t remove the malware I may have to.

Thanks again.

Try using a boot cd.

Dr. Web may be the best choice as it is one of the few that has the ability to cure infections instead of merely deleting files.

Hi there, I’d just like to say that I removed my viruses/trojans and was able to install Comodo Firewall with no problems whatsoever.

Many thanks for spotting the problem, I appreciate it!

No let me get this straight…

This person can’t load an antivirus package because they have a virus??? I used to recommend CIS to loads of people but you guys are getting as sucky as Symantec, and they REALLY suck.

I pity the fool who takes notice of your recommendations.

CIS is good, I prefer it, I expect it to keep out the bad stuff,
but when the bad stuff has taken over it is too late to keep it out.

Only a fool would insist upon using ANY antivirus to remove a rootkit.

Over one month ago Vanchatron posted thanks that following advice given him 2 days earlier he had sought and removed malware.

You seem to be a troll with a very poor sense of timing.

Wow, what flew up your nose? Perhaps you are the troll madam.

If you look at the definition of Anti-virus I am sure you will see “prevent, detect AND remove”.

Now if someone on this forum can look at a log file and determine that there is malware installed on someone’s PC…why can’t the installer or the executable for CIS do the same? Perhaps this person looking at the log files should be employed by Comodo or if they are then they aren’t doing their job right.

And basically what you are saying is that you wouldn’t recommend CIS to anybody, because I did exactly that and you said that it is bad advice.

I’ll check my timing in future, and coordinate it with everybody else…I apologise for this. Of course I haven’t got the faintest idea of what you are talking about. Is English your first language?

Oh and “I pity the fool” is trademarked by Mr. T, I’d be bricking it cause his lawyers will be on to you soon.

I think that is quite enough WhyWhyWhy. Insults are against the Forums Policy. If you actually want help, then I recommend that you start by showing a little more respect to forum members and Comodo staff… otherwise with this posting of yours into a +1 month old topic, that doesn’t seem to be quite the same issue as your stated problem, then you are trolling and flame-baiting.

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Edit: I removed my statement as I no longer believe it to be true.

mod edit: under the circumstances, I removed my post as well. kail :)

Don’t forget I was here before to provide help and advice.

Do not forget that the problem was identified on 26th July,
and reported as resolved on 28th July.

We cannot “concentrate on solving the problem” because it was resolved a month ago.
All we have is a malcontent kicking up old bones.

Whywhywhy seems to be a trol.
He has only made four posts on this forum,
none of which have attempted to help others,
none of which gives any information that would enable others to help him.

He asks if English is my first language, yes it is.
I do not know what his first language is, but his comprehension of English is abysmal.

I said :-
“CIS is good, I prefer it, I expect it to keep out the bad stuff,”
How on earth can he pretend
“And basically what you are saying is that you wouldn’t recommend CIS to anybody,”

I NEVER said he gave bad advice, but
“I pity the fool who takes notice of your recommendations.”
This does not mean that ALL his recommendations are bad.
What I refrained from saying was that he struck lucky when recommending Comodo.

He asks
“Now if someone on this forum can look at a log file and determine that there is malware installed on someone’s PC…why can’t the installer or the executable for CIS do the same?”

I have no criticism for some-one who thinks everything is possible with today’s computers,
but any recommendations by that person will not always be lucky,
and the person following such recommendations is likely to pay the price.


I apologize. I just reread the post and Alan Borer was correct. WhyWhyWhy does appear to be “a malcontent kicking up old bones”.

My apologies to everyone.

Since this topic is resolved, I’m now locking it. If you need it unlocked for any reason, then please contact an on-line Moderator with your request. Thanks.