Can't Install Comodo Firewall or Comodo Internet Security latest version 8


I recently tried out some other anti virus products and did not like them, to the point I wish to go back to Comodo and buy a copy of the full package with the Geekbuddy service. Despite trying Qihoo 360 and other programs I just feel Comodo for some reason works better, the HIPS, the sandbox and other things I honestly think this is the best overall program out there for the price. But I can’t install Comodo

My problem is since uninstalling Comodo I cannot install Comodo again - Comodo tells me I need to uninstall Comodo with add / remove programs. I have done all these things: -

  1. Uninstall using Windows “add / remove programs”
  2. Used I/O Bit System Care to clean the system.
  3. Used CCleaner to clean the registry.

If I install either Comodo firewall or Comodo Internet Security Geekbuddy / CHromodo etc will install but not the firewall or the antivirus.

I am not a techie user but know my way around computers well enough to know what I am doing most of the time, but Comodo will not install. Is there any way of being able to download the version of Comodo - that came out before this new version came out and see if it will work? I did reinstall with an older version of Comodo which worked before but that version is not available from the Comodo site now as there is a new one.

I have read that lots of other people are having problems with installing Comodo on their computers using the new version. Is there a chance that anyone can help? I can’t think of what else to do. I have tried using the Comodo uninstaller program from one thread I found that has achieved nothing. Until I can get Comodo back on my system I am stuck with QIhoo 360 which isn’t bad but it’s not the system I want to use.

If anyone can help or advise I hope to hear from them.

Best Regards,


Hi subsahara,
See if the suggestions in the link below help.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Also run any available cleanup tools for previous antivirus programs from the link below.
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common Windows antivirus software-Eset

If all of the above fails, you can select previous versions of CIS in the drop down menu of the external link below.
Comodo Internet Security-Filehorse

Hope that helps.

I have tried using older versions of Comodo Internet Security and it does not work. I have done a complete registry clean / deep clean via IoBit Advanced SystemCare PRO (not the free version) and yet even now Comodo Internet Security will not install.

This is a shame. As I do feel Comodo offers the best software but it seems lots of people are reporting bugs and cannot install the program.

I really wish Comodo would fix these issues as I do not feel there is a free antivirus products that matches Comodo - I tried other products now and wish I hadn’t - but now I cannot go back :frowning:

Please can Comodo make sure the next new version of CIS will install properly.



Can you try this Microsoft Program install and Uninstall troubleshooter and see if that helps: ?

It is the successor of Windows Installer Clean Up utility that Chiron’s guide mentions.

I just went and manually searched and deleted remaining Comodo files - not sure if that is the right thing to do . . . . .

I am going to try and download Comodo older versions and see if that works - but really Comodo should just install - this is not good it should not work.

I have Baidu Antivirus 2015 running now and apparently that is compatible to run alongside Comodo according to the Chinese I work with and Baidu’s own website so I can use Comodo / Avira Engine from Baidu and Baidu together - sounds crazy but cool.

One thing I am wondering.

Does any other antivirus or security solution on the market use Default Deny? How do the other companies products handle the unknown files?

Surely if Comodo have such a unique technology and it is a marketing advantage for them other companies would just copy the idea?