Can't install Comodo and uninstall it

I search the web and come across this:;msg256485#msg256485

I am in a different situation. I never use Comodo before. I’d downloaded the “CIS_Setup_3.9.76924.507_XP_Vista_x32.exe” last week and installed it after I’d removed the old Pccillin 2005. The installer didn’t asked weither the firewall or antivirus I would install, just run and said reboot. And after the computer reboot, I got the Start Menu and desktop links to Comodo, but no firewall and antivirus or other Comodo service running. I double-click the links but nothing happen. I opened the comodo folder and double-click the the EXE, nothing happen. The program just didn’t run.

I tried about half an hour and gave up, I wanted to uninstall it, but… nothing happen… I’d tried both the uninstall link and Windows Control Console. At last, I had to manuely remove all the files and registry.

I’d tried to reinstall the program. But the same.

I thought it might be a bug. When I saw there was an update version on website, I tried it again. I went over the mess I mentioned above again and nothing different. (I’d tried the …508 and …509)

It’s strange that the Comodo Installer is a exe but I can open it with 7zip 4.65.

I still can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

My OS is Windows XP Pro sp3 with update patches 32bit.

your computer might be infected with something preventing comodo from installing. I would recommend trying to install and run Superantispyware ( and malwarebytes ( and tell me if they find anything. Also I would try running Comodo System Cleaner ( to clean up anything that has messed up in the registry.

Check Installing CIS From Safe Mode

Or use this tutorial on how to manually remove Comodo: .